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Got that idea for a POC but never had the time to prototype? Crunching textual data all day at work, and got some neat ideas to apply on images? (or the other way around?) Always wanted to win a data science competition but those full-time-kagglers were a bit too much?

DATAHACK 2018 is here!

Why your company should send a team to DataCup 2018?

A productive environment to work on innovative ideas for your company. Clear out the daily noise and clutter of the office, and add our logistic support and creative environment. When not working on the project itself, your team can get ideas from the talks gives in DataConf.

Excellent mentors and participants your data scientists can get new ideas from. Your team will share the space with other leading teams from the industry, all sharing ideas (if you’ll be sharing too (; ). In addition, our mentors - all experts in their domains - will consult and share ideas and methods.

A great way to gain exposure to your team in front of a large audience of ML professionals. Being the largest data-driven hackathon in Israel, with a diverse audience from industry experts to undergrad and graduate students, showing up is another way to make sure your team cannot be missed.

Let your team have some off-site fun! Working in collaboration with their peers, not through ticketing system and boards, but on a 48-hours end-to-end project, from ideation to implementation and delivery. All this in the great atmosphere of a hackathon. It’s so much fun! Trust us.

DATAHACK 2018 is here!

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Teams will have freedom in selecting data, tools, etc., but are encouraged to come up with a data set of their own. We’ll take care of all required facilities, food, lectures and good vibes; You’re in charge of creativity.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN to all, and is completely FREE, but applications will be carefully reviewed for skills and experience. Teams from all companies are welcomed to apply.

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DATAHACK 2018 is here!

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