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What is DataHack!?

DataHack is the first data-driven hackathon in Israel, designed to bring together the Israeli data community. The hackathon is a 48-hour event where data enthusiastic programmers, designers and researchers combine their skills to build innovative solutions for real world problems. Registration is open to all, but applications will be carefully reviewed for skills and experience. Participants may form teams of up to 5 members, and will have complete freedom in selecting data, tools and project ideas.

DATAHACK 2018 is here!

Information for Participants

The Alliance House - Ki'akh 5, Jerusalem. The event will be hosted in partnership with and using spaces of both MassChallenge Israel and New Spirit.

DataHack is all about data. Every project is required to include processing and/or analysis of some interesting data at its core.

DataHack 2018 will take place between Wednesday, 15:30, October 3rd and Friday, 13:30, October 5th, 2018.

Registration to the event is open to all - students, researches, designers and industry professionals. Teams of up to 5 people may register.

We will provide you with different data sets from our sponsors, partners and online sources, but you are free to bring your own data.

Besides a yearly hackathon, DataHack is also a vibrant community of data scientists and machine learning experts in which you can take part through our Facebook page, the DataTalks meetup series and our newsletter!

Got questions? Check out the FAQ!

DATAHACK 2018 is here!

Data Challenges

Some of our sponsors are offering cool challenges for you to tackle, with awesome prizes for the winning team of each challenge. Each challenge will have teams competing to create the best solution to a specific problem over a specific data set or API.

Are you passionate about making the world a better place? Are you excited to use AI for the benefit of mankind? Intel, DataHack 2018's co-host, is posing the AI for Social Good Challenge. Intel will award a cool prize to each member of the team whose project most effectively utilizes AI to address a social issue.

Microsoft Open Source team is proud to host the first “The Math Teacher” challenge in Israel, where you can leverage your NLP skills and the Azure Open Cloud to understand and solve complex math problems.
Read more here!

Are you passionate about making widespread, impactful global changes? Autonomous vehicles represent one of the biggest revolutions mankind has ever seen and they will affect every aspect of our daily lives. In this challenge you will help to enable the autonomous car revolution. Teams undertaking Innoviz’s Rigid Motion Segmentation Challenge will solve the problem of decomposing LIDAR data (point cloud) into background and moving objects.

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Want to help a top Jerusalem startup pilot churn prediction on an actual project for its flagship app - a product already used by millions all over the world? Sift through noisy data to discover patterns predicting who will churn and even when these ‘suspects’ are likely to unsubscribe, to earn yourself a lucrative reward at DataHack 2018!

Read more here!

DATAHACK 2018 is here!


DataCup is DataHack’s companies track, where elite teams from different companies will compete for the title of Israel’s Data Champions! Got that idea for a POC but never had the time to prototype? Crunching textual data all day at work, and got some neat ideas to apply on images? (or the other way around?) Always wanted to win a data science competition but those full-time-kagglers were a bit too much?

Register to DataCup!

More Information here!

DATAHACK 2018 is here!


DataLearn is DataHack's workshop track, aimed at providing DataHack participants with the opportunity to build and improve on their data science skills while working on their cool DataHack projects! Click below to learn more!

More Information here!

DATAHACK 2018 is here!

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