Datahack is the first data-driven hackathon in Israel, designed to bring together the Israeli data community.


The JVP Media Quarter - Hebron Rd 24, Jerusalem. The event will be hosted in partnership with and using spaces of both Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and Labs02.

DataHack 2019

Set to take place for the fifth time on in Jerusalem,DataHack will host over 500 participants, mentors, judges, and lecturers for three days of data science fun!


DataHack 2019 will take place between Wednesday, 15:30, September 4th and Friday, 13:30, September 6th, 2019.


DataHack is all about data. Every project is required to include processing and/or analysis of some interesting data at its core.


The best projects have original datasets, and we encourage you to bring you own data. Yet, if you wold like to participate in one of our sponsors' challenges, they will provide you with the datasets and online sources.

Data Challenges

Some of our sponsors are offering cool challenges for you to tackle, with awesome prizes for the winning team of each challenge. Each challenge will have teams competing to create the best solution to a specific problem over a specific data set or API.

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